I (husband) am a practitioner at Pain Clinic. She(wife) is a medical secretary working together. We worked normally and live normally … but there was something that was not unusual at all.

That … … my wife was a shaman.

The strange event to talk about is a true story without exaggeration and no lies. There are various occult phenomena that can not be elucidated by science in the world. I did not believe any of them. Because I am a scientist. However, our life has changed all of a sudden one day. It is because a strange phenomenon began to occur one after another in the wake of a single nun visiting the hospital. I had to accept it because I saw supernatural phenomena in front of me. The wife wakes up to various abilities, and eventually acquires the ability to cure the sick people.

I was far from the will of God, Buddha, spirit, the universe, but my life has changed since I met this wife. The wife’s power is beyond medical science.


Epithode001 Shaman awaking

Epithode002 First trans state

Epithode003 Trans state caused by video

Epithode004 The crown chakra