Superior Cervical Ganglion Block

The superior cervical ganglion block (SCGB) is a cervical sympathetic ganglion block which is carried out further to the stellate ganglion block. It is a block injection I developed for the purpose of curing my friend’s headache in 2007. Over ten years or more I have increased safety and effectiveness. Currently, I will do it precisely using ultrasonic diagnostic equipment.

Since SCG is inside the internal carotid artery and the internal jugular vein, it is difficult to accurately aim at using ultrasonic diagnostic equipment. SCGB is a block that requires special skills.

We have proved this block with clinical data of 10 years that it is effective for all intractable diseases of the cerebrum, cerebellum, bulbar, and cranial nerve. The number of cases I treated is No. 1: sudden deafness, 2nd: Parkinson syndrome, 3rd: trigeminal neuralgia, 4th: mental disorder, 5th: fibromyalgia, 6th: ALS like symptom. The popularity of SCGB in my clinic is high, and one third of all patients are patients who can receive the superior cervical ganglion block.

Although it is often compared in effect with the stellate ganglion block (SGB), to me, in the treatment of sudden hearing loss, “SGB 2 times / day × 14, after recovery, recovery was insufficient sudden deafness Patient “will come to the hospital and then receive the superior cervical ganglion block to improve.

The precision of this block injection is life. In order to do effective blocking, it is necessary to have a technique to put chemicals along the sympathetic nerve sheath. And do not stab the nerve parenchyma. Do not intraarterial injection. The target moves with the beat. Therefore, training is necessary to acquire injection skills.

I am injecting about 2,000 blocks (as of 2018) a year for this block, but due to precision in ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, complications such as bleeding, infection and nerve damage are 0 cases. The pain of the injection is “almost no”, the majority says. I have never caused complications of hemorrhage or hematoma to people taking medications such as anticoagulants or platelet inhibitors. Because I use a 30 G thin needle.

The superior cervical ganglion block is never an injection that directly affects the brain. By blocking the sympathetic nerve it relaxes the smooth muscles of every vessel in the brain, thanks to which it is that much injection that blood vessels will expand and the blood flow in the brain will rise.

Action time of SCGB is at best a half-day. However, if you make a state that the blood flow in the brain is increasing even once, the brain neurons regain their energy, which creates a virtuous circle. Thanks to virtuous circulation, it is possible to expect a therapeutic effect for every disease in the brain. It is a very simple mode of action. How effective is the increase in blood flow actually? It is obvious if you look at the treatment outcome of sudden sensorineural hearing loss. Because the outcome of sudden sensorineural hearing loss treatment can be visualized in graphs.

Well, the superior cervical ganglion block is a star of hope that you can achieve phenomenal outcome as shown by the outcome of sudden hearing loss treatment. The fact that SCGB has an effect on sudden deafness can be easily imagined that it is effective for various diseases derived from other cranial nerves. For example ophthalmological diseases such as trigeminal neuralgia such as memory disorders such as mental disorders.

In other words, SCGB is a treatment that produces a great effect on diseases of all departments of brain surgery, psychiatry, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, neurological department. Nonetheless, why does not SCGB spread explosively among the world’s doctors? I am really wondering. I hope the doctor who read this will rush to me and come to learn SCGB.