Let’s spread the superior cervical ganglion block to the world

The superior cervical ganglion is a sympathetic ganglion located at the top of humans. By blocking this ganglion with lidocaine etc. we can increase blood flow in the brain, medulla oblongata, and cervical spinal cord. The blood vessels of our brain age little by little every day, and it is the fate that capillary vessels get clogged little by little. Cerebral infarction at the microscopic level occurs even in the brains of young children, and their accumulation causes the brain and cranial nerve to degrade. Small cerebral infarction does not appear even on MRI. Therefore, all symptoms caused by microscopic cerebral infarction are said to be “cause unknown”. However, the superior cervical ganglion block can expand the blood vessels of the brain. It is possible to revive the ischemic nerve cells. Among the treatments that increase the blood flow of the brain, SCGB is the top in the current medical science. I have been researching and developing upper cervical ganglion block for 10 years. And I will put this into practical use in 2013 and completed the current method to inject precisely using ultrasonic diagnostic equipment in 2016.

SCGB brings about effects beyond imagination, such as psychiatric disorders, dementia, ophthalmic disorders, otorhinolary disorders, headaches, olfactory disorders, cranial internal medicine diseases, autonomic imbalances and the like. SCGB has the power to improve all difficult intractable diseases.
Until now, the anesthesiologist did some stellate ganglion blocking, so it had some effect on the above-mentioned diseases. However, SGB had unstable treatment results and many accidents, so there was no good image for the general public. SCGB is a technique that evolved SGB, and I have greatly enhanced safety, certainty and effect by using ultrasonic diagnostic equipment. I will strive to spread this to the world. Please come to Japan (Tokyo) with courage, if you would like to take SCGB or want to learn SCGB.
For those who want to know the SCGB treatment results, “treatment outcome of sudden hearing loss” is a reference.
In addition, most of the treatment results published in Gokaji treatment are using SCGB in combination. Therefore, you can understand the achievement of SCGB by reading Gokaji treatment.

The site that publishes my large number of research papers is here (Japanese).