About Gokaji

Gokaji is a “therapy with thought wave” secretly conveyed by monk of Shingon Buddhism(famous for Mt.Koya) since 1200 years ago in Japan. Treatment with thought waves is called Medical healing, clergy in the world wears this ability, it is never rare ESP. However, since Gokaji increases its thought wave to its maximum power by its secret law, it can be expected to have a higher effect than healing treatment performed by common psychics.

Gokaji has three secrets. 1: spell casting by mouth, 2: mark tying by hand, 3: summoning God and Buddha. Summoning God and Buddha can only be done by psychics. By summoning, it is possible to make waves of thought beyond human power.
By combining so powerful Gokaji with the nerve block of modern medicine, its therapeutic effect has become exceptionally high.

Idea of sickness

There are things caused by physics and chemistry and those caused by cell-to-cell radio communication. Because medical science has determined that “diseases all occur in physics and chemistry”, medicine can not solve the illness caused by the failure of wireless communication. Diseases are caused by these two reasons, so it is truly the right form of medicine to treat them at the same time. I began to advance the path of right medicine.

Gokaji Treatment Achievement 2018

In January 1, 2018 to mid-August, the number of patients who visited our hospital with a new disease is about 180 people. 62 of whom received the default Gokaji. A total of 62 people will be posted .

■ Case 62) 17M Left sudden deafness tinnitus

■ Case 61) 35F Tinnitus, Right face numbness, Field narrowing (no diagnosis name)

■ Case 60) 41 M Symptoms like ALS (Lower limbs · lower limb muscular strength Lower right limb Fasciculation Articulation disorder)

■ Case 59) 57 M  Droped head syndrome, Parkinson’s syndrome?

■ Case 58) 43F  Indefinite complaint

■ Case 57) 48M Multiple personality disorder

■ Case 56) 51 F Both plugged ear Tinnitus Panic disorder

■ Case 55) 25 M Depression

■ Case 54) 45F Osteonecrosis of knee joint

■ Case 53) 55F Calcaneus spur  (heel hurts)

■ Case 52) 52M Sudden hearing loss marked tinnitus

■ Case 51) 42M Left sudden deafness

■ Case 50) 47F Unknown vomiting Old hung syndrome

■ Case 49) 38M Sudden deafness General fatigue Tinitis

■ Case 48) 53M Sudden hearing loss Idiopathic bilateral sensorineural hearing loss

■ Case 47) 16F refractory Achilles tendonitis / ankle pain (classical ballet)

■ Case 01) 46F Sudden sensorineural hearing loss(SSHL)

■ Case 02) 54 M Trigeminal neuralgia Atypical toothache

■ Case 03) 82F Dropped head syndrome Dementia

■ Case 04) 53 F Cervical spondylotic radiculopathy

■ Case 05) 54 M Lumbar spinal canal stenosis (left lower limb pain)

■ Case 06) 48 F Cervical spiritual radiculopathy (left upper limb pain)

■ Case 07) 52M SSHL Tinnitus Obsessive-compulsive frontal shoulder

■ Case 08) 69F Lumbar disc herniation

■ Case 09) 35F Trigeminal neuralgia Atypical toothache

■ Case 10) 56 F Cervical spondylotic radiculopathy (left upper limb pain)

■ Case 11) 50 M Lumbar spinal canal stenosis (lower back pain, left lower leg pain / walking difficulty)