Epithode004 The crown chakra

Epithode004 The crown chakra

Madam contacted friends who seemed to understand the paranormal phenomenon that happened on New Year ‘s Day. But it is a New Year now. Madam can not contact anyone. She thought that this is Fudo’s saying “Please come to the temple by yourself”.

She trusted her intuition honestly and decided to go to temple by the first train after sleeping for three hours early in the morning of the next day (2nd. Jan.). Her spirit is still poorly excited. So she almost did not sleep. It is 4:30 am now. The surroundings are pitch dark. When she left the entrance and headed for the street, she noticed something.

There are no people on the road. Car is also not through. Of course it is also a taxi. A taxi is waiting for customers as usual at hotels nearby, but now there is not one.

“Oh, how can I do, I have only 15 minutes left until the first train time at Tokyo station … I will not make it in time …” But Madam did not want to give up. “I really want to go to the temple! Fudo! Please give my wish,” she thought.

Then one car approached her. What a personal taxi!

“Wow !!! (cry)” she raised both hands and stopped the taxi, and she jumped into a taxi!

Only the taxi has cars on the wide four lane road. That’s why she was able to get on this taxi was really a miracle. It is 15 minutes to start.

“Thank you, driver, to Tokyo station!”

The driver says quietly “Yes.” He looked very kind. And Madam managed to catch the first train. Madam could not sleep either in the train, but reached the temple while being nervous. And she went to the main temple of the temple. It is her second visit. There she saw the figure of Mrs.O already advocating something.

Mrs.O ordered other staff while singing sorrow, and let Madam sit just in front of Goma’s flame. Madam was staring at the fire quietly. Then again, her upper body began swaying back and forth like the last time.

After that, pitching continued for about 2 hours, and her left and right upper limbs made various movements. It was very similar to the hand movement of Indian dance. Furthermore she gave a  voice which cannot be worded.

When the chorus was over, Mrs. O approached Madam without saying anything and stopped a series of movements. Madam does not know if it is exorcism. However, she was able to return from transformer state. Strangely, she was conscious while she was acting like a hand like Indian dance while a thick voice like a different person was playing. Even though there is consciousness, her body does not move with her will, and others control the body.

When the morning service of the temple was over, Mrs. O took Madam to another room. And they sit on the table across the table. Mrs. O stared at Madam for a while, then closed her eyes and prayed without saying anything. When that was over she began talking to Madam.

“I’ve been watching your movement forever, but probably the chakra at the top of your head is open, and the chakra in the middle of the amount that is said to be the third eye, this also opened. The same chakra as I am is open.The top chackra is very strong.This is called the 7th chakra, crown chakra, but various things come in from here.

Your soul and the soul of God are tightly bound. It is very powerful and can not be released to anyone. Since the soul of God is still weak now, various things from around you, such as small evil in the human world and great evil, will cling to your soul. You have to peel off them well. God chooses you to help people. And God called you to come here early. You will have to think what the mission given to you is. And the time will come when you decide oneself. ”

That was the story Mrs. O told Madam. However, I could hardly understand the story of Mrs.O. Only her words “Decide oneself.” Remained in my heart. What is “Decide oneself.”? I was very anxious.

In the meantime Madam returns, Mrs. O said as follows.

“The reason why your inspiration is strong is in the gods and ancestors of your hometown, and return to your hometown as soon as possible to greet them.”

And …, I wanted to know the reason for the paranormal phenomenon that happened to Madam, I asked the priest of Nichiren sect which is one of my patients. But I did not get a clear answer.

I have no choice but to solve puzzles with Madam. “Well, let’s go to your hometown immediately and reserve two tickets for two.” I said to Madam, who came back from the temple.

Madam thus decided to go back to Oita prefecture for the first time in a few years not only because of her filial piety. Her parents were extremely delighted at the return home of her daughter after a long absence. At once, Madam went to Kasuga Shrine near my parents house. Prepare liquor, rice and salt as advised by Mrs.O.

It was raining a little. Madam made three rounds around the main shrine with an umbrella, and she dispersed rice, sake, and salt in the precincts. While she was three laps, she felt an incident such as her body getting hot and her hands bangling. Madam was convinced that it was a signal from God. As Mrs.O said, God welcomed Madam, Madam was full of joy. This was the first step in our search for paranormal phenomena.