Epithode003 Trans state caused by video

Epithode003 Trans state caused by video


It is an event of the night of New Year ‘s Day 2017 that took three weeks from the incident at the temple. I have been going out on business from evening to night. I finished errands and put a call to my lady “I’m leaving now.” However, at that time, I found out that an accident happened to Madam. It was because Madam on the phone issued a meaningless word like crying.

“What’s wrong ?! Did something happen?”

“△ × ◯ ◎”

A screaming voice came out that would not be a word anyway.

“I will return right now, I will leave in about ten minutes!” I said, and I hung up and hurried home.

When I got home Madam was sitting in the chair. But her upper body turned round and round in a clockwise direction.

“What happened???”

“· · Δ × ○, I can not stop · · · · · · ·”

I will hold her arms and head and try to stop rotation. But her movement does not stop. I will drag her down on the futon as it is. Madam then suffered from saying “I’m going to get out.” I thought Madam had symptoms of hyperventilation. So I took a vinyl bag and tried to put it on her mouth. But she brushes it with her hands.

I shouted at her, “I am a doctor, listen to me,” and tried to put a bag on her mouth. But she still keeps my hands away. That way my wife was fighting with me, and her movements gradually became small little by little. When I suddenly see her hand, her hands are stuck in strange shapes. I forcibly try to repair her hand,

“Please, leave it as it is, please take it with a picture!” She said. She finally got to speak normal language. Madam orders me to take a picture in such an emergency situation, so I was surprised at her calm.

This is the picture at that time.



As I asked her “What happened?”

“I wanted to go to a temple on New Year’s Day but because I could not go, I was watching the fire of Goma posted on the site of the temple on the Internet, and the impact of suddenly Don! Ran to my body … Then my body started swaying back and forth while sitting in a chair, my hair stood up like a static electricity … then my body swayed bigger and my body swirled round and round I did not stop even though I tried to stop it … ”

“How long have you been swirling?”

“More than an hour. My body keeps turning all the way … My eyes turn around … I can not take my cell phone well … I could not put out the words well … Finally I got sick and I got breath faster and got painful … ”

“Oh really···”

“My body was tight but, strangely I did not feel bad about it.”

, Madam told the whole story, afterward she went into sleep with confidence.


Since that event, something has changed. Madam remembered the flame of Goma at that time, and she seems to have seen the image of the site of the temple just wanting to see it. However, she just saw the image of the net and the upper body turned around and it did not stop. It was beyond our understanding.

Don! Is the shock like a wave like vibration? Suppose that there are voices or videos where the wave is being kneaded. Did Madam respond to it? I remembered the movie ‘The Ring’. A story that a curse is applied one after another to the person who saw the image and they die. I felt that the story of such a horror movie is happening in reality.

Supernatural phenomena occur one after another in front of one scientist. However, these events were only preliminaries.