Epithode002  First trans state

I heard from Madam that “electricity ran when Mrs.O was touched.”

An ordinary person will laugh away that “such a stupid story will not exist”. Otherwise you will take her to a mental hospital. But I nodded immediately instead of doubting Madam. Because I felt that “Madam is not normal” everyday. Madam was able to create five senses such as pain and pleasure from nothing. So to speak, Madam was a master of meditation. So I was convinced that Mrs.O had ESP. Madam’s remarks are highly reliable.

So I suggested to her at the 3rd visit to Mrs.O as follows.

“I have a favor to you, a proposal to bring a patient who is hard to cure to you and pray, prayers may be a breakthrough for treatment of intractable diseases.”

“I’m OK” she replied immediately.

I am a scientist, a non religious and unbeliever. But my interest is flexibility. I thought that “If even one way to cure a patient with intractable disease exists, I should try even ESP,” I asked Mrs.O for cooperation. I believed that she had the power beyond science. But before we take the patient to her we should experience what prayers are like. So I first planned to take Madam and go to her temple together.

At that time, we received her invitation from believer Mrs.M, “Do you want to go because there is a grand 8000 Goma training course only twice a year?” So I decided to attend “8000 Goma training course” with Madam. In Shingon sect, there is an event that burns a small wooden plate (Goma), 8000 Goma training seems to be a hard training in which the monk practiced it is almost absolutely no food for a week. It is said that it is very profitable.

As I learned later, it seems that the temple was built only with offerings collected by believers from Mrs.O six years ago. To be able to gather huge offerings with your own power is a proof that Mrs.O has god power.

When we got to a temple around 10 a.m., about 100 followers were gathering. Goma trainning has already begun. I and Madam were sitting on a small seat while being guided by Mrs.O. I can not cast a sutra because I do not know the way of Shingon sect. That’s why I just held hands and prayed.

For a while each of us will be given two small wooden plates. I wrote a wish and my name there, I had it in my hand, and I was waiting for the order to put it on fire.

Suddenly, there was an accident in Madam sitting next to me. Madam ‘s ankle, sitting in a small chair, began trembling with wiggling. I thought that “Madam is trembling for excitement” probably, I ignored her first. But trembling climbed from the foot to the knee, from the knee to the upper limbs, and towards the head, and eventually her upper body swayed back and forth. The combined hands of Madam were also shaking up and down. She was trying to keep trembling hard.

The shaking of Madam began with the lower body. It shook vertically like an initial tremor of the earthquake. At that time she seems to have thought that an earthquake occurred.

But she looks around but there is nothing that is shaking. And everyone was not surprised. So she noticed that she is shaking herself.

I noticed Madam who is pitching but I stopped asking her “Are you OK?” It makes me annoy if I make noise. “Madam is not normal anyway.” I told myself, “No matter what happens, it is normal for Madam”. Because electricity runs around her body just by being touched by Mrs.O. Now that Madam is in the power spot, I thought that whatever happened to her I was not surprised.

As we arrived in the order to put the wooden plates in the fire, we stood in the seats and arranged in a row to have the priest sprinkle sacred water drops. Madam ‘s foot trembling is still not stopped. Although her walking is unstable, I still seem to be able to walk on her own foot, so I was watching her as it was.

The priest sprinkled water on us with long sticks like chopsticks. At that moment Madam tossed over and made an excessive reaction. When I asked her later, it seems there was a shock like sprinkling hot water. Hot water! What? After all she is not normal.

Me and Madam threw the wooden plates into the fire, then bowed to the front Fudo statue and returned to the table.

Then Madam started not swinging back and forth, but rolling the upper body to draw a circle. I supported her shoulder from behind and tried to stop her movement, but it was in vain. I will not stop. When I was in trouble, the surrounding monks and Mrs. O gathered around her and started to chant the nuns beside her back. Then she turned slowly little by little. But trembling still does not stop. Madam gave a loud voice, her face looked up to heaven many times, and lastly she cried.

The gaze of the believers gathers at Madam. Mrs.O moved her over the cushion, put her gown on Madam, and put her down. I am a doctor but I am helpless. I can not do anything. I was just awaiting for her trembling to stop.

Madam lay on the cushion for about 20 minutes, and the tremor has finally subsided.

“It’s okay”, Madam said and got up. However, Madame was a fatigued expression indeed. It is the state of the trance she experienced for the first time. It was beyond our understanding. What happens to her and what does this transformer mean? We did not want to know. But nobody taught me.


Mrs.O said “It is common in temples.” What percentage is “I am common”? I wanted to ask Mrs.O what that movement means, but I quit. Because I felt like what I should not ask. Perhaps it is that there is no answer. Anyway she will ask Mrs.O directly the meaning of today’s event. Anyway, why does not Mrs. O tell us the truth? I began to question suspicion on Mrs.O.


Madam is clearly unusual. Even if it says “common”, I do not agree with it. I do not know if this transformer is a good event or a bad event. We decided to move to examine the truth of this magical event. And that it will change my life … Who would have imagined this time?