Dramatically heal sudden deafness

■ Case 62) 17M left sudden deafness tinnitus

【Current medical history】

He is hospitalized for 1 week to university hospital from day 4 onset and receives steroid drip. But since he hearing hardly recovers, he first visits our hospital after discharge.

【Changes during Gokaji】

At Gokaji he felt hot from the head to the shoulders. His stiff cord on his left hip disappeared and his side effect was reduced and his posture improved.

【Achievement Achievement】

The average is 81 db → 18 db, rising by 63 db to complete cure.

【Spiritual disorder examination】

Strong mind, somewhat lowering as you feel, a number of possessing spirits, damage to the organization

【Combined treatment】

supeior cervical ganglion block


As a treatment for refractory Sudden deafness, it is the result of our hospital in the second place.


The determination power of parents who gave up on university hospital saved the life of their son.