Cure tinnitus

■ Case 61) 35F tinnitus, right face numbness, field narrowing (no diagnosis name)

【Current medical history】

She appeared tinnitus 2 days ago. There is mild hearing loss in treble. She told her doctor “I will not heal”. She came to our hospital because she was in trouble.

【Changes during Gokaji】

As soon as she entered the room she shed tears, which did not stop for a long time.

【Improvement Achievement】

One treatment to cure complete

【Spiritual disorder examination】

There is a drop in feeling as she goes from her right half to her hips. There was haunting spirit (It attacked the hands of Suiren monks), there was cheering of the ancestor spirit, She paid international marriage over the opposite of her parents. So she was in isolation from her parents.

【Combined treatment】

superior cervical ganglion block


Sister of her husband (foreign nationality) is Sudden deafness, and she is unluckily continued. The patient became Sudden deafness when he was in contact with his sister.


She came to the hospital early onset, so the treatment was effective. However, she seems to have a linkage to international marriage in the surroundings and there is a possibility of her recurrence in the future.