Cure symptoms like ALS

■ Case 60) 41 M Symptoms like ALS (lower limbs · lower limb muscular strength lower right limb fasciculation articulation disorder)

【Current medical history】

The symptoms above appeared to him before 1.5M. He doubts ALS from those symptoms. He was examined at the neurosurgical department, but he was told “no abnormality”. He was abandoned by modern medicine. He was confused and came to our hospital.

【Changes during Gokaji】

When Suiren’s hand touched his head, it was fluffy.

【Improvement record】

He exchanged emails with Suiren monk and the symptoms improved for one month. After that his symptoms recurred and I visited our hospital for the first time. His symptoms are almost completely reassured with Gokaji + SCGB treatment. But after one month his symptoms tend to recur.

【Spiritual disorder examination】

Mind flow stagnation (head). There is a possession spirit. Suiren exocises one body. (Strong enough to feel nauseous)

【Combined treatment】

superior cervical ganglion block


Exchange of e-mail is remote treatment. SCGB does halve his symptoms, but when he receives Gokaji, his symptoms are fully reassured.


His symptoms suggest an early symptom of ALS. However, with our treatment the symptoms are fully revealed and we can control this disease. As his symptoms recur many times, we think that the cause is deep-rooted. From now on, he has to solve the mentality of the spiritual world, but the question as to where we step on is a problem.