Improve little by little Droped head syndrome

■ Case 59) 57 M  Droped head syndrome, Parkinson’s syndrome? (Speaking inarticulately, numbness of left body, walking difficulty with decreased stride)

【Current medical history】

He can not speak properly two years ago, and the trembling and numbness gradually appears in his left half body. Moreover, his stride became narrower and he became hard to walk. He was subjected to a close examination at the neurology department of the university hospital, but he could not be diagnosed. He was not diagnosed as Parkinson’s disease, but was prescribed Parkinson’s remedy (L-dopa) at T hospital. His neck began to hang from a month ago, but the cause was unknown. He says from the attending physician, “The cause of droped head syndrome may be due to L-dopa (therapeutic agent)”, but in hospitals there was no hit.

【Changes during Gokaji】

His lower limbs moved quickly at Gokaji. Immediate improvement in flexion contracture of his cervical spine at Gokaji.

【Improvement record】

He could not sleep on his back, but after Gokaji his neck straightened and he could sleep on his back and he was surprised. His neck became vertical after Gokaji. His neck lifts for half a day after treatment. But in the evening he will return to droped head. He was recovering little by little by repeated treatment.

【Spiritual medical examination】

nothing special

【Combined treatment】

superior cervical ganglion block


In other hospitals “There is no way to cure” His symptoms, we can make a slight improvement. However, his wife asked us “Why will not heal” and she complained of slow progress in treatment. Even a slight improvement in his symptoms is a miracle and it is something to please. But they did not feel appreciation to us. Even though there are signs of improvement, they were distrustful to us and they interrupted treatment. I am sorry very much.