Consider the cause of indefinite complaint

■ Case 58) 43F  indefinite complaint (chronic fatigue · keep on sleep · can not stop the snack · low back pain menstrual pain · extreme tension · declining ability · no concentration · no chilling (common to all three and mums))

【Current medical history】

There is no place to consult in such a state from long ago and it is overwhelming.

【Changes during Gokaji】

No special mention

【Improvement record】

There were not many ghosts among them. Suiren gave them full body Gokaji, took their fears apart, three people came up and they went home.

【Spiritual medical examination】

mind flow falls (lower body, 3 people in common) During counseling to Mother, it turns out that there is a girl. It seemed that the influence of Mizuko appeared on the second daughter. The second daughter ‘s spiritual disorder is strong.

【Combined treatment】



Suiren gave three special amulets


It shows the appearance that spiritual disability is applied to the whole family. The first time was the consultation.