Treatment of multiple personality disorder

■ Case 57) 48M multiple personality disorder

【Current medical history】

He has two personality. When another person’s character of him appears in the table, he is cheated and wastes money. He asked overseas ESP for treatment to treat this. Then you will get an estimate of outrage ($ 300,000) fee. He was in trouble and talked to us. He has had a healing experience so far. He feels that his double personality began to rampage even more. He thinks that evil spirit is also attached to his wife and children.

【Changes during Gokaji】

His body got easier

【Improvement record】

only one exorcism

【Spiritual medical examination】

Suiren removes 4 bodies of his possession

【Combined treatment】

Gokaji treatment only


Many of the paternal brothers and sisters prematurely die.


He believed that power by receiving Suiren monk ‘s Gokaji and went to the temple of her master. This will also be a therapeutic effect.