Panic disorder dramatically recovers

■ Case 56) 51 F both plugged ear tinnitus panic disorder

【Current medical history】

Both plugged ear and tinnitus appear half a year ago. Her panic disorder has emerged from 10 years ago. She is in psychiatric hospital. She also has menopausal obstacles and stiff shoulders, so she is in hospital for orthopedic surgery. But these symptoms of her do not improve at all.

【Changes during Gokaji】

She felt herself warm.

【Improvement record】

Her tinnitus improves little by little. Her panic disorder has improved dramatically. Nothing happened to her even when she went to a place where she panicked (movie theater). Her body got easier to warm since she received whole body Gokaji.

【Spiritual disorder examination】

Bad mind flow (whole body), her whole body is difficult to warm up.

【Combined treatment】

Superior cervical ganglion block


She came in with both plugged ears and tinnitus as the main complaint. But she was surprised that her panic disorder that had been given up almost cured. We are hoping that this will be a great achievement and that this will give us a fundamental review of current psychiatry treatments. From now on, we plan to generate treatment results one after another that will overturn the psychiatry world.