Cure depression

■ Case 55) 25 M depression

【Current medical history】

He could not find a job and his relationships did not go well and he was very depressed. But he has not taken medicine. He was insolent, he did not want to go out, he was insomnia.

【Changes during Incorporation】

He said that the idea disappeared during Gokaji and it seemed to get out of the body. When he entered the Yuan room, tears did not stop. He can feel that Suiren monk gave him amulet “hot.” In other words, he seems to have spiritual ability.

【Improvement record】

He felt after the Gokaji that a hole opened wide in his heart was buried. He gained confidence in himself. And he decided to get a job after treatment

【Spiritual medical examination】

There is an attack on Suiren from his haunting spirits

【Combined treatment】



Suiren felt a massive pressure like a mass during his visit.


He was a patient sensitive to Gokaji’s energy. Those who are sensitive are likely to be possessed by the spiritual body, and often feel mentally exhausted before they know. People are not only exhausted if they are haunted by spirits for a long time, but scars are actually attached to cellular levels. And the transmission of their mind flow gets worse. Suiren recognized that the upset of human relations that had happened to him was a spirit disorder.