Cure osteonecrosis of knee joint

■ Case 54) 45F Osteonecrosis of knee joint

【Current medical history】

She had left knee pain since mid-May. She is diagnosed with osteonecrosis with nearby doctor MRI and is said to be “only operative”. She went to our hospital to avoid surgery and conservatively treat her. Her pain is strong, and she is difficult to walk even if she sticks a stick. In the case of osteonecrosis, pain can not be removed often by injection into the knee joint.

【Changes during Gokaji】

Her hips and knees (affected area) got very hot, and she was surprised. Formerly she had a pain in the back of the left eye continued for a long time, but she was surprised to point out Suiren.

【Improvement record】

The osteonecrosis of the knee joints usually does not relieve the pain even if it is injected intraarticularly. But after Gokaji she suddenly became painless for five days. Osteonecrosis was improved by 60% in MRI image after 1.5M.

【Spiritual disorder examination】

Suiren redeemed two haunting spirits. Cell scream (left knee to ankle, back of left eye)

【Combined treatment】

Intra-knee injection


At a new workplace she was listening to counseling for colleagues with depression. It seemed to be the reason why she had a spirit. At that time, she seemed to have pain from the back of the left eye to the head, and that pain transferred to the knee from the waist when the pain cured.


The cause of osteonecrosis is often unknown. However, Suiren monk was convinced that spiritual disorder might be involved like this time. We speculated that deformation of joints is not caused by aging or bone alignment alone, but may be easily deformed by the addition of spiritual disorder.