Pain in the heel that was cured completely at one time

■ Case 53) 55F calcaneus spur  (heel hurts)

【Current medical history】

She has orthopedic surgery all the time from 10 months ago but does not improve at all

【Changes during Gokaji】

She felt warmth during Gokaji

【Improvement record】

To pain zero with injection with Gokaji → once complete cure

【Spiritual medical examination】

no special mention

【Combined treatment】

Local injection


In August, when she goes to her mother-in-law, her heel hurts. In September that month, her mother – in – law died. The parents house is left without being lived by anyone. In that house, parents-in-law and brother-in-law’s buddhist mortuary tablets have been neglected. My brother-in-law lives in the premises of my parents’ house, but he does not come close to the house because his parents and his colleagues were bad. My paternal uncle committed suicide.


The cause of heel pain is the possibility of spiritual disorder.