Cases with dramatic decrease in tinnitus

■ Case 52) 52M Sudden hearing loss marked tinnitus

【Current medical history】

Bass type deafness from 2M before. Tinnitus appeared 9 days ago. He was hospitalized in K hospital which is famous for hearing loss treatment 7 days ago. But no improvement. He was discharged from his doctor as being told to “give up cure ringing”. He was in trouble and our hospital first visit. He says it is frustrating to go crazy.

【Changes during Gokaji】

After prayer and inclusion, tinnitus reduction

【Improvement record】

His tinnitus decreased significantly after praying and Gokaji. But it recurred. We advised him to organize the land of the parents’ house and buddhist mortuary tablets there, but he did not obey. He was hospitalized at the university hospital by himself but he did not improve at all. After that he refreshed and dedicated his ancestors as we told him. Tinnitus almost disappeared shortly thereafter. He finally showed appreciation to us.

【Spiritual disorder examination】

Suiren kicked off several bodies of his mighty possession. Suiren talked with him on the phone and there was an attack on Suiren from the spiritual body. Also when Suiren talks about the land of him and his parent’s house, there is an attack from the spirit to Suiren

【Combined treatment】

Superior cervical ganglion block


Suiren sensed the spiritual disorder with the reservation phone. During Gokaji, Suiren felt chills and nausea.


Otolaryngology hospitals often do not treat from the beginning as “tinnitus does not heal”. Lightening the tinnitus is close to a miracle. As a cause of deafness / tinnitus, in this case, it was thought that spirit possession was involved. The patient did not believe us at first. However, as his symptoms relaxed right after he gave up, he began to believe in us.