Dramatically heal sudden deafness

■ Case 51) 42M Left sudden deafness

【Current medical history】

Onset 12 days before. Four days later he was admitted to E hospital. However, he expects dramatic improvements, and changed to our hospital treatment from the thirteenth day.

【Changes during Gokaji】

He felt the hands of Suiren doing Gokaji very warm.

【Improvement record】

In addition to hearing improvement, he is surprised as his skin gets better. Average value(5parts) increased by 58 db in the audiogram (dramatic improvement). His facility improved at Gokaji.

【Spiritual disorder examination】

stagnation of mind flow. When diagnosing him with Gokaji, Suiren also felt pain in his right ear.

【Combined treatment】

Superior cervical ganglion block


His facial expression was bad at the time of the visit. He confessed to Suiren that he tends to plant the ghosts in others (disliked people get sick one after another). Two of his cousins ​​died in their 30s.


E hospital boasts the best medical treatment experience in Japan with sudden hearing loss therapy, and they are doing a lot of SGB. I am sorry that we could not prove the advantage of our hospital because the treatment period was overlapped with E hospital this time