Eliminate nausea and old hung syndrome

■ Case 50) 47F Unknown vomiting Old hung syndrome

【Current medical history】

She will meet bullys from her young age. When she feels a lie, she gets vomiting, a bondage emerges. She was in poor condition when she was cleaning other people ‘s house.

【Changes during Gokaji】

She felt Gokaji warmed the whole body. She felt that all the bad things inside her were peeled off.

【Improvement record】

She felt herself at ease with Gokaji. She felt that she was able to resolve what she was worrying about since she was a child. She later told Suiren that she became clear the distinction between good and bad for her own mind and body. Her child has a good effect. The results of the children ‘s schools improved. She thanked Suiren very much.

【Spiritual medical examination】

Mind flow lowering (whole body), 3 spirits of possession, support of ancestral spirit

【Combined treatment】



Family to which men dies prematurely,

She can not live like a lady, she has been living a manly life.


Suiren speculated that she had a spiritual disorder since childhood. She is conscious that distress grudges still continue. And at Gokaji Suiren was able to lighten her symptoms. The pursuit of the cause is deeply rooted.