Relationship between news photographer and spiritual disorder

■ Case 49) 38M Sudden deafness General fatigue Tinitis

【Current medical history】

He developed sudden deafness 1 month ago. He went to the near doctor for 2 weeks. He took steroids but only improved by 10 db.

【Changes during Gokaji】

At Gokaji he felt lighter.

【Improvement record】

We lightened the feeling of obstruction and tinnitus in his ears. But in the audiogram he did not improve his hearing. In the ninth visit to the hospital he had a very strong spirit possession. Suiren removes this. The cause was in his occupation. As he is a news photographer, he often goes to the scene where a person was killed in accident or murdered. Eventually I found that he was haunted by the spirit at the shooting site.

【Spiritual disorder examination】

Mind flow reduction (whole body)

【Combined treatment】

Superior cervical ganglion block


Suiren handed him a special amulet


A news photographer is a job of putting the scene such as suicide, killing, accident death and so on in a photograph, and there are many things possessed by the wandering spirits. The effect of Gokaji was insufficient to improve hearing ability. But doing Gokaji makes his body very easy. Therefore he paid high transportation expenses and went to our hospital, and he is still eagerly receiving Gokaji. He gets sick with the spirit as he works. He is in need of regular Gokaji.