A feat of improving idiopathic bilateral sensorineural hearing loss

■ Case 48) 53M Sudden hearing loss Idiopathic bilateral sensorineural hearing loss

【Current medical history】

2003 left sudden hearing loss, 2010 right sudden hearing loss, 2018 / Jan. Acute exacerbation of right hearing appeared but he was abandoned by a nearby doctor (otolaryngology).

【Changes during Gokaji】

He feels warm Gokaji

【Improvement record】

He felt hearing improved considerably. In the audiogram the mid and bass sounds improved.

【Spiritual medical examination】

Suiren removed three of his possession spirits.

【Combined treatment】

Superior cervical ganglion block


His father suddenly died of subarachnoid hemorrhage


His hearing loss is a hard-bodied disease that is said to be “no progress can be stopped by anything” in present medicine (Designated intractable disease 304 in our country). Therefore he was left out by the otologist. Moreover, the first medical examination day of our hospital has passed since a symptom onset. It is a miracle to improve hearing from that state.