Cure refractory Achilles tendonitis with Gokaji

■ Case 47) 16F refractory Achilles tendonitis / ankle pain (classical ballet)

【Current medical history】

She is an international student of classical ballet. She tries to make a tiptoe a half year ago and the pain will run from the left Achilles tendon to the ankle joint. She tried various things, such as orthopedic surgery, acupuncture and moxibustion, massage, but pain does not alleviate at all. She was introduced to her trainer of walking way and visited our hospital.

【Changes during Gokaji】

Her left back muscle was unusually hard so Suiren softened its muscles with Gokaji. She felt the whole body became hot.

【Improvement record】

At the first visit, Suiren prayed to her and went through the whole body Gokaji. After that she underwent intra-articular injection / tendon sheath injection. The next morning, her pain was 30%. The second treatment was only Gokaji, but with Gokaji only treatment she almost got pain disappeared. She did not improve any treatment so far, so she is surprised to say “This treatment record is a miracle”. She did not complain of pain at her study abroad destination in ballet. Completion!

【Spiritual disorder examination】

Suiren felt burning around her Achilles tendon. In case

【Combined treatment】

Achilles tendon tendon intrathecal injection ankle joint injection


She wanted treatment before she studied in Canada with ballet.


Gokaji is not specialized in spiritual disorder treatment. It turns out that Gokaji is effective for sports injuries as well. Sports injuries do not improve easily because they practice repeatedly. Professional athletes will retire with that. We think that Gokaji is especially necessary for professional athletes.