Intractable lumbago disappeared overnight

■ Case 11) 50 M lumbar spinal canal stenosis (lower back pain, left lower leg pain / walking difficulty)

【Current medical history】

Since he had fallen three months ago, he can not walk with pain and can not work (university teaching). He goes to a nearby orthopedic clinic but does not improve at all. He tried qigong, acupuncture and moxibustion, chiropractic etc, but it is ineffective. He was in trouble and our hospital first visit.

【Changes during Gokaji】

He says that Gokaji is real. He says he has a feeling of gingering up to the back of his body. In case

【Improvement record】

His body will be easier after Gokaji. He feels good. He will be able to go to work normally and will be cured. I was suffering from not being able to continue my work (teaching at the university), but he is very grateful for a tremendous recovery.

【Diagnosis of spirit disorder】

Inflammation of the tissue is on the waist

【Combined treatment】

Lumbar epidural block


He broke up with a strong feud with his father. And he was in the state of not having his father’s Memorial service. He followed the advice of the Suiren monk and made his father’s permanent memorial service. His symptoms recovered dramatically from the day after he gave up. After this story, he trusted the world of God and Buddha.


His lumbar vertebra had extreme bending and twisting, and his low back pain was very troublesome. He received all kinds of treatment to continue teaching but he did not improve at all. I was in charge of the epidural block, but his lower back pain is not so light as it gets over about it. However, when Gokaji was used in combination, it got relaxed. Strangely enough after his father’s permanent memorial service his symptoms improved dramatically. I was made to feel that “spiritual disorder is involved” even in the waist deformation and pain. Currently he is standing at the teacher without any problems.