atypical toothache

■ Case 09) 35F trigeminal neuralgia atypical toothache

【Current medical history】

Pain in left gums from 8 years ago. He did various treatments such as tooth extraction, scrutiny, but did not improve at all. Currently he is in hospital in psychiatry. He says he wants to die.

【Changes during Gokaji】

His body got very warm

【Improvement record】

Unknown due to treatment interruption at 1 time

【Spiritual medical examination】

Cellular scream from oral cavity to neck (by Suiren)

【Combined treatment】

supeior cervical ganglion block


He was surprised that Suiren monks detailed the painful parts. And the body got warmer and he would have felt that “it certainly has something in Gokaji, there is magical power.” However, he “too much expectation for treatment” was too high. “I did not improve a bit in the first time” he did not visit from the second visit. Sorry.