Coldness recovers

■ Case 08) 69F lumbar disc herniation

【Current medical history】

She suffers from sciatica from 1 year ago. She is recommended for surgery from the doctor in charge, but she went to our hospital for conservative treatment.

【Change in Gokaji】

She feels warm.

【Achievement Achievement】

She is surprised that her upper left lower leg, which was always cold, warms up.

【Spiritual medical examination】

no special mention

【Combined treatment】

Lumbar epidural block


Her treatment is only this time because of the distant place of residence. Treatment outcome unknown

【General Review】

Patients who are told medically by our hospital “Patients should not be cured if they do not have surgery” are often visited. Gokaji is also often effective for cases called “surgery requiring surgery”. This time, she is surprised that Gokaji instantly improved her coldness. Although the circumstances of her improvement after that are unknown, mostly “surgery avoidance” is done.