Refractory radiculopathy of cervical vertebrae is completed in one go

■ Case 06) 48 F cervical spiritual radiculopathy (left upper limb pain)

【Current medical history】

Since he had pain in the left upper limb girdle 2 months ago and he was not able to recover from nearby orthopedic surgery, he visited our hospital.

【Changes during Gokaji】

Pain relief during Gokaji

【Improvement record】

We will get a one-stop notification of completion

【Spiritual medical examination】

inflammation from the left neck to the left back and waist

【Combined treatment】

Cervical parareruinal nerve root block

【General Review】

He received Gokaji before block injection. During Gokaji, he was very surprised to have “relieved pain that did not relieve for 2 months”. As a finish he received a block injection and was cured by one treatment. Of course it is a great achievement. According to Suiren monk, there is inflammation in the cells not only in his cervical vertebra but also in the thoracic vertebra and the lumbar spine. It is follow-up.