Lumbar spinal canal stenosis, which is said to require surgery, is nearly cured

■ Case 05) 54 M Lumbar spinal canal stenosis (left lower limb pain)

【Current medical history】

He has pain in the left lower limb 2 years ago and he is unable to work recently. He tried various treatments such as block injection, but since it is ineffective, I visited our hospital. It is said that he needs surgery.

【Changes during Gokaji】

Gokaji club gets hot

【Improvement recor】

He received a route block and is relaxing. However, he obviously felt improvement during Gokaji. He also realizes that when he receives Gokaji he is much more pain-alleviated. He was able to bypass the operation. Currently almost no pain.

【Spiritual medical examination】

Inflammation of the cell on the left little finger (history of fracture in the past)

【Combined treatment】

Lumbar nerve root block


Medically it is said to be “no way except surgery”, so the achievement that we made it almost complete is a very big achievement. He is aware that Gokaji contributes to the improvement of symptoms because he experiences the difference in effect between the nerve root block alone and Gokaji in combination.