Stiff shoulder deteriorated by towing treatment is cured completely

■ Case 04) 53 F cervical spondylotic radiculopathy

【Current medical history】

She had a strong stiff shoulder 2 months ago. She pulled in nearby orthopedic surgery, but the symptoms worsened further.

【Changes during Gokaji】

She felt warmth The pain relieves during Gokaji

【Improvement record】

It is cured once with Gokaji + block. I was extremely grateful to her.

【Spiritual medical examination】

no special mention

【Combined treatment】

Cervical parareruinal nerve root block


It is not pure “evaluation of Gokaji” because not only the effect of Gokaji but also the effect of the block is added, but because she experienced that pain is relieved during Gokaji, it is symptomatic There is no doubt that Gokaji is contributing. She was surprised that her pain was continuing for two months so she was completely recovered at once.