The dropped head which had been seen as desperate improved on the spot

■ Case 03) 82 F Dropped head syndrome Dementia

【Current medical history】

The neck has been drooping since one and a half years ago. Furthermore, it can not get nursing care because both severe pain of the buttocks (sciatic nerve pain) makes the sitting position impossible to take. A level which can not get an X – ray. She and her family were in trouble and we visited our hospital.

【Changes during Gokaji】

Stiffened humpback improved

【Achievement Achievement】

Her neck contracts 90 degrees flex and she can not lie back on the reclining seat. Suiren monk released the contracture of the neck and back with Gokaji, and immediately made it possible to extend the position. She will have her neck lifted by herself with three treatments. Improvement to a level not refused to stay in a nursing home. Sciatica of her chronic illness was also alleviated.

【Spiritual disorder examination】

Drop as it felt: whole body

【Combined treatment】

Superior cervical ganglion block


Because it is rampant with dementia SCGB was difficult to convince


Her neck was not a “droop” but a bending contracture, and it was impossible to force the neck by force. In this state Suiren monk instantly lifted the contracture with Gokaji. It can not be considered in current medicine. However, she was uncooperative for treatment due to dementia and treatment was extremely difficult. In the middle of treatment, she caused a phenomenon that her behavior got very calm. It may be that the family hoped for exaggeration that he was cured by several treatments. But her dropped head was patiently in need of outpatient treatment until it was cured. The family considered it troublesome and ended with three treatments.