Desperate tooth pain decreased by 20%

■ Case 02) 54 M Trigeminal neuralgia Atypical toothache Somnolence dysgeusia

【Current medical history】

He felt pain in his left upper jaw 16 years ago, and since that time he survived a number of university hospitals with dental / otolaryngology · oral surgery. And finally he performs the operation of the maxilla, but still the pain did not improve at all. Since then, he has tried all treatments such as pain clinic, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc. There are no slight improvements and he reaches the present.

【Changes during Gokaji】

His head got warm. His pain was relieved. Even just talking, he felt a sense of security.

[Achievement record]

His head symptoms were relieved. VAS 100 → 80 mm After Gokaji his spirit stabilized. It was surprising that he had reduced his symptoms by 20% as he had never improved any treatment so far. .

【Spiritual medical examination】

Stagnant, there was a drop in mind like in his upper body, cell screaming from the whole body, possession spirit, haunting spirit attacked Suiren monk

【Combined treatment】

superior cervical ganglion block


His father and father-in-law died in the same month and died of the same illness. The inside of the house is full of garbage. Women are strong family lines. Women at home tend to leave their homes because of their hobbies.


Block injection did not relieve pain, pain was relieved during Gokaji. Even slightly in every treatment so far the pain did not become lighter. Even if only 20% of pain was relieved, it was a great achievement. So he believed the Suiren priest. However, the root of his illness was deep and I came to the conclusion that because of his strong family karma there is no healing with just a few treatments. There was a circumstance that a family line was not easy to solve the fate.