Improve 15 db of sudden deafness that does not cure at university hospital

■ Case 01) 46F sudden sensorineural hearing loss(SSHL)

【Current medical history】

2012 Hypoallergenic hearing loss, December 2017 Tinnitus in the left ear after flu suffering. She was hospitalized for 8 days at the university hospital with a diagnosis of sudden hearing loss, but almost no improvement. First visit to our hospital on day 11 of onset.

【Changes during Gokaji】

She felt the body’s unprecedented warming.

【Improvement record】

Dynamic loss of tinnitus · Her hearing up. 15 db improvement from 50 db to 35 db. She slept soundly more than ever before, and she got upset in the morning.

【Spiritual disorder examination】

no special mention

【Combined treatment】

superior cervical ganglion block


Her daughter is in psychiatric hospital due to the stress of junior high school examinations. Her daughter also received Gokaji at her mother ‘s suggestion, improving mental anxiety at once. She passed the aspiration school. She and her daughter have stabilized their mind and body, so the vitality of the whole family increased, and she said that she smiled more.


It is a great achievement that refractory SSHL which does not cure in university hospital improved by 15 db on average (method divided into 5). Having received Gokaji, he said that “the body warmed so much that I never experienced,” he experienced the strength of Gokaji’s energy. She believed that power and decided to let her daughter receive Gokaji. As a result, her daughter ‘s innocence, darkness, irritation, violent remarks and so on all improved. The power of Gokaji is beyond medical science.