Long-term regenerative treatment of sudden deafness

Long-term regenerative treatment of sudden deafness

sudden sensorinueral hearing loss (SSHL) is a complaint called “1/3 is a natural healing, 1/3 is not cured at all, 1/3 is a sequelae.” In current medicine it is said that there is no effective treatment, and treatment is generally done only with steroid medication in general. Treatment is usually censored in approximately one month after onset. Many otologists believe that treatment for more than a month is useless.

We are treating SSHL and giving long-term results of treatment to overturn common sense of present medical science. We report four cases of miracles that have been hearing improved for more than 5 months by combination therapy of superior cervical ganglion block and Gokaji.

Case 1. Eleven months have passed since onset. Currently still under treatment. The middle and low frequency range continues to improve.

Case 2. Interruption of treatment in 5 months from onset. The middle range continued to improve.

Case 3. Interruption of treatment in 5 months from onset. The patient regenerated from a state that it can not be heard at all.

Case 4. Ended 9.5 months after onset. Except for 8 kHz, it is close to complete recovery.


Remarks: In case 4, she was sentenced to the attending physician as “Hearing can not continue to improve, so you are lying or mental abnormality (hysteria)”.


Regenerative medicine for hearing loss

Such long-term hearing improvement is effectively regenerative medicine. It is impossible to continue improving for a long time unless the auditory nerve, hair cells, nerve cells of the inner ear nucleus and the like regenerate. It seems that there is power to prompt regeneration in either the superior cervical ganglion block or Gokaji. Therefore, we compared long-term improvement effect of superior cervical ganglion block monotherapy group and Gokaji combined treatment group. As a result, long-term improvement (more than 2 months) was found significant (p = 0.0076, <0.01) in Gokaji combined group.


* SCGB alone group Gokaji combination group
Improvement stagnates 10 9
Long term improvement 1 6

Long term = 2 months or more

Detailed document is here (Japanese)

Conclusion: Gokaji has the effect of regenerating nerve cells.


Addendum: This is an announcement overturning common sense of medicine. I do not think it should be denied by saying “I do not believe” because it is not a report.

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