Cure healing unexpected sudden deafness 2017

Cure healing unexpected sudden deafness 2017

Fujita MD Nakayoshi-cl.Hirai Edogawa-ku Tokyo Japan


120 patients with initial visit with Sudden sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSHL) in 2017
All cases were diagnosed with previous doctor (otolaryngology) and had been treated with steroids

Visit status

Twenty-four patients (20.0%) visited within 1 week after onset
After more than one week visit 96 cases (80.0%)
Onset – initial visit days are 29.2 days on average

Since our hospital is a second opinion clinic, patients visit after an average of 29.2 days since onset. The Golden Hour of treatment of SSHL is said to be within 2 weeks from onset. However, 60% of the patients who visit from 2 weeks have passed. The majority of patients will be visited in a medically late state.

Motivation for visiting our hospital

118 patients (98.3%) in 120 patients came to our hospital because “Improvement was poor even if they were treated with a previous doctor”. It is confirmed that almost all cases are refractory SSHL.


Of the 120 patients, 98 cases excluding 22 cases (17 cases of 1 time interruption, 5 cases of 2 times discontinuation) where treatment was discontinued selfishly are examined for the outcome of treatment.

Treatment method

superior cervical ganglion block(SCGB) with 2% lidocaine 1 cc
done under ultrasound diagnostic equipment

Treatment results

Cure: 9 cases, Excellent: 19 cases, Fair: 39 cases, Good: 6 cases
• Invalid 25 cases (of which 4 cases of improvement, 9 cases of partial improvement)

Cure: Within 20 db of the whole area
Excellent: (500 Hz + 1 k × 2 + 2 k × 2 + 4 k) / 6 improved more than 20 db
Fair: (500 Hz + 1 k × 2 + 2 k × 2 + 4 k) / 6 improved by 10 db or more
Good:  (500 Hz + 1 k × 2 + 2 k × 2 + 4 k) / 6 Improve by 5 db or more


To my clinic, 98.3% will have no treatment effect by the previous doctor, or people with less effect will come. In other words, the patients at our hospital are limited to SSHL people who are almost confirmed to be refractory in modern medicine. The above treatment outcome is not merely the treatment result of SSHL but the treatment result of “refractory SSHL which the hospital had abandoned”. Treatment results with only refractory disease, 73 out of 98 improvements are far beyond the treatment level of modern medicine.

The power of miracles to validate disabled cases

Since October 2017 we started to add Healing by my wife to the treatment of SSHL. We compared the outcome of treatment between the group not performing healing and the group performing it. In the Healing combination group, the number of ineffective cases was reduced (p = 0.0076).Click here for details(Japanese).
SSHL does not improve even if the treatment is too late using the superior cervical ganglion block. However, using the superior cervical ganglion block and healing, it turned out that even invalid cases could be used as valid examples. We strongly recommend using Healing with SSHL “I will not cure what I do”.


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