about us

We are a medical team specializing in diseases that will not heal

It is aiming to sustain the helping hands to people who took care of every medical treatment, still suffering without being cured, and whose lives were all blind.
If a patient can save it at other hospitals, I think that it would be more happy to be cured at other hospitals. We believe that our mission is to lie down in illness, to eliminate the place of life, to illuminate the people who are in trouble without problems with a single light. I hope this sentence will be delivered to those who are abandoning treatment at the hospital and lost their way to the street.



Birth 5th.Apl.1966. Birth from Osaka(Japan)
1991. Graduated from Juntendo University School of Medicine
Professional, orthopedic anesthesiology department
2015 Started Pain Clinic at Hirai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Publishing about 30 books as a writer.

In 2010, we finished the procedure of “superior cervical ganglion block” independently, and completed its own blocking technique such as parapillary root block before that.

The superior cervical ganglion block(SCGB) is a sympathetic block that injects further to the head side of the stellate ganglion. It is extremely precise treatment performed under ultrasound diagnostic equipment. Its effect is higher than SGB, it exerts great effect on diseases of cranial nervous system, psychic system, autonomic nervous system, immune system. In our hospital, SCGB is sudden sensorineural hearing loss, lightheadedness, dizziness, blurred vision, autonomic imbalance, depression, anxiety neurosis, has been using ALS, dementia, and the like.

I strongly rebelled against the system of “Medical sciences learned only from medical books and do not learn from patients” and says that “to sacrifice pride and personal safety to cure a patient in front of my eyes” I started from early on. And I have followed my own medicine without giving up to any power. We aimed to cure the case of intractable diseases and gathered difficult cases that were impregnable from the whole country.

And we will have many achievements. However, as I gained more accomplishments, more intractable patients have flowed into me. So I sought for all treatments. However, the walls of intractable diseases were very thick, some of them could not be cured at all.

When I was worried that this is my limit, my spirit ability suddenly appears to my wife. She will cure patients with symptoms of “drooping neck” that I could not improve even over a year with just one treatment. It was the biggest impact of my life and I got to know that the power of the Buddha and Buddha exist.

Since then, various strange incidents have occurred around me, my wife’s ability to spirit improves day by day. I would like to describe this story on another page. I think that our treatment is the world ‘s first clinic to await in the sense that medicine and spiritual ability have completely fused. And we are making amazing miraculous treatment results. Please see the treatment results page for its contents.


Monk Suiren

It was the beginning that I was able to preach the world of God and Buddha through healing and spiritual being touched by monks with spiritual ability.

However, I was surprised to know that my spiritual skill was a character because my ancestors had deep relationships with the Buddha and Buddha later. The great grandfather served as a general temple of the temple and continued to donate to the shrine, the grandmother ‘s parents’ house was deeply believed in Kobo Daishi, and received three Buddha statues from Shikoku.

Since I touched the strange power from Fudo at Namikirifudo Temple I found a way to “give back for people” that can be said as an ancestor’s desire.

God and Buddha are very scientific powers that are appreciated from ancient times and also understandable to modern people. Humans are mysterious and wonderful creatures, but God does not condone sinful causation. I will try to resolve the cause of all of you as soon as possible so that I can become healthy.

Not only good things are flowing from the ancestors but also bad things are spreading on us. There is unreasonableness that people can not choose the fate that flowed from their ancestors so that people’s appearance can not be decided by themselves. Because people become sick because not only genes and lives but also causalities from their ancestors are affected.

Even though God and Buddha are different in shape, they are common to the world. I believe that if you can solve the causal we will have a healthy and happy life.